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After School Learning Center

Adams - College Park – Davis – Killybrooke – Paularino - Pomona - Rea - Sonora – Victoria - Whittier - Wilson

We can’t believe we are starting again. The staff is excited to offer more students the opportunity to be involved in our Project Success After School Programs. We will have over 1100 students at 11 schools in Costa Mesa working toward State and District Standards while enjoying their after school experience. Through out the year our many partners will include:

  • Learning For Life- This fabulous program will be traveling to all 11 schools to train the students in Character Education. They will concentrate on 10 Character traits to make the students successful and good citizens. These lessons and activities will include; Respecting My Peers, Being Responsible, Gangs, Prepared for Today, Violence Prevention, Anger and Conflict Management and many others.

  • Girls, Inc will be working with 3rd grade girls on two programs this year, Operation SMART and Economic Literacy. Operation SMART works on building the students skills and interest in science, math and technology. Their Economic Literacy program, She’s on the Money, will touch on saving, identifying and counting money, using banks and many other financial questions that students have.

  • NMUSD Nutrition Services has trained our staff to incorporate healthy nutrition through out the year. They will also be coming out to schools to do taste tests and experiment with the food pyramid.

  • Boys Scout Groups will be popping up on each campus. Boy Scouts will send their own trained Group Leaders to meet during after school hours at the school site every week for boys to form Boy Scout Troops.

  • OCDE Friday Night Live will partner with three schools to start Clubs at Rea, Wilson and Adams. This great program works with the youth in prevention and education about drugs and alcohol.

  • Discovery Science Center workshops, Dan Crow Performances, Plus many more groups to come…….

Project Success incorporates the Houghton Mifflin Intervention for Early Success. These lessons will reinforce the students learning and understanding of the school days Language Art program. Students will be broken in to small grade level groups for intervention time working with a credentialed teacher on reinforcement of standards. Along with time for Arts and Crafts, CATCH PE (Coordinated Approach to Children’s Health), and much more through out the week.

If you are interested in volunteering and making a difference in a child’s life please give us a call at 714-424-7542. We look forward to a successful year with the students feeling successful, having fun, and soaring towards for the State Standards.


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